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Dear Boss Lady.

I've been working for almost a year already, and i don't think you'll ever know what an accomplishment that has been for me. In fact, knowing you don't know what i've overcome, and doing it without your support makes me damn proud.

I always liked that you always seemed appreciative of when i came in on one of my days off, or spur of the moment.

However, I don't appreciate your tendency to take your frustrations out on me when you're stressed, or had a bad day. You're the manager...learn to deal with it.

You don't owe me anything,I'm an employee. I just walk the dogs, do the laundry, and clean. But i'll recap.

In October, i sprained my ankle really, really bad. That was on a Tuesday. You let me take off Wednesday. Now, Tuesdays and Thursdays are my dogs off, correct? And that week was the week of the hospital evaluation. I came in on Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. For hours at a time. No, i'm not blaming you for the fact that because of this, my ankle will never have properly healed.

But i pushed myself to help out. A thank you would have been nice. And yes, that same month i took off for a few days to go to NY. And i got to see my grandmother, unaware that it would be the last time.

The following month, i took off again, because my grandmother had passed. And i didn't even stay with my family. I came back to work the day i landed back in AZ.

By the way, don't think i didn't read the poster that entitles an employee to BEREAVEMENT leave. That would have been good to know.

Since then, i have worked my ass off...through sickness, and pain. Came in on days off when the other kennel worker had a tummy ache. Worked whole days alone when i'd been throwing up.

I've taken the brunt of your stressed out days. Been accused of things i didn't do.

I was recently informed that my emails to you had gone to the spam box. Fine.

I gave you 2 months advanced notice that i was going to NY for family, and i needed to board my dogs. And now i know that weekend is spring break, but i didn't know that earlier. And you make it like it's my fault...and we're booked

Way to take my head off, by the way, on that.

Called this morning. I understand you were manning the front office on your own, and i had no problem with you calling me back to discuss squeezing in Dillon and Charlie. Which you didn't.  I did get an email with you biting my head off about you "Having it covered." i know you had it covered! I need to know about the boys, okay? That's all.

I'm tired of cleaning up shit, to be honest. Tired of riding my bike to walk, and clean, and feed, and clean, and ride back.

I'm tired of being treated like i'm always doing something wrong.

I tried, okay?

No thanks, and many migraines later,


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