Feb. 1st, 2010

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Picked up a bit of reading material at the library yesterday.

The Michael Palin Diaries

Anansi Boys (Which i'm starting to get the feeling i read, or started to read, and never finished)

The Little Nugget

The Ode Less Traveled (Again. I was in the mood.)


Started on Moriarty, since Dad expressed an interest in reading it.

I didn't have to work yesterday morning, just went in the afternoon to clean...took a break before i had to feed the cats, grabbed some Wendys, then walked to the library. That probably wasn't my finest hour, once it caught up to me.

I had gone bowling with mom Saturday night, to take advantage of the fact that i didn't have work, and forgot about my ankle. So i messed that up a bit, and it got all..swollen again. Back to the brace for me.

Besides that, at one point i noticed that my ball, my beloved custom bowling ball with my initials, had fallen victim to the changes in Arizona weather.

It was split...but it wasn't like it was a crack that went the whole way around. I felt like i had lost my child or something.

Anyway. Happy First Day of February.

Recently, a wise person said thus:

I hate to break it to you

We are old

Speak for yourself, madam. I've not reached my two decades and two years, yet. Give me another....24 days to enjoy my youth.

Oh, shite.

Missing Fic

Feb. 1st, 2010 12:27 pm
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Have you seen the well to do a piece of writing floating around the internets that i'd written? I wrote it...awhile back, and while attempting to write this morning, i remembered it.

It was a Bertie-Aunt Dahlia centric fic. When Bertie was young....Dahlia musings. Um. There was a storm at Brinkeley, and Bertie and Dahlia were talking.


I can't believe i remembered that. Cause i've had a hankering for some 'Dahlia musings' for ages, then the lightbulb went off and i realized i WROTE it.

Am I making sense? Tell me if i'm not making sense, because i'm in such pain right now, i can't think straight, let alone type.

Ankle pain, not....Loss of Fic Pain
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My writers juices are clogged and backed up.

Name a character.

I'll post a "theme song" for them

As of now:
Pardon the Aida...flood

Sam Marks
Moving Too Fast
Sunrise, Sunset

Andrew Cole
Like Father, Like Son

Easy As Life


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