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Supernatural )

Crossovers )

A Bit of Fry and Laurie )

Jeeves & Wooster
Sound of The Piano
(Jeeves/Bertie, PG)

Getting him up at dawn
(Jeeves/Bertie, PG)


Kindness and Loyalty
(Mereb, Radames, PG)

Avenue Q
The Internet is Down!
(Rod/Nicky, Trekkie, PG)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

How she feels about her name
(Dawn, G)

Catherine Tate Show
Never Mess With Granny
(Nan, Jamie, PG-13)

Egyptian Mythology

We'll look back on this and laugh
(Set, Osiris, PG)

Jealousy and Competition
(Dee/Ryo, Berkley Rose, PG)

Lucifer Box

Charlie Lived
(Lucifer Box/Charlie Jackpot, PG )

Singing In The Rain
They were drunk. At least, that was Don's excuse for kissing Cosmo
(Don/Cosmo, PG)

He used to hate Jack's attitude; but somewhere along the line he fell for it.
(Jack/Ianto, PG-13)

First Date
(Tosh/Owen, PG)

Valentine's Day (Movie)
The Morning After
(Sean/Holden, PG )

Six Word Challenge
Prompts are bold, fills are italics )

"Rare PairLJ Post
You gave me a prompt and a pairing, and i went for it!

Any mistakes/things i'm missing, let me know!
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List of filled [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic  prompts. You'll be linked to my other journal ([livejournal.com profile] fleeting_fancy ) or straight to the entry at [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic 
Newest at the bottom

(SPN) Gabriel's the one who gripped Sam tight and raised him from perdition- Gabriel/Sam

(TW) What do you mean you've never had coffee?- Ianto Jones, Castiel

(Avenue Q) The Internet is down- Rod/Nicky, Trekkie

(SPN/Cats) Since when do lions visit our junkyard?- Gabriel, Rum Rum Tugger

(Lucifer Box) Charlie lived- Lucifer Box/Charlie Jackpot

(How I Met Your Mother/Wicked) Team; Ted as Galinda, Barney as Elphaba, and Robin as Fiyero, but set in modern day NYC

(SPN) Sam always had a buzzcut- Gabriel/Sam

(SPN/TW) Jack Harkness is really a Winchester- Jack Harkness, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

(SPN/Young Frankenstein)Dean as Dr. Frankenstein, Sam as the Monster, Castiel as the naive young assistant, Gabriel as anyone else

(SPN) Lightsabers for everyone!- Gabriel + Team Free Will

(SPN) Castiel Falls too far- Gabriel, Dean Winchester, Castiel (Dean/Castiel)

(SPN) One doesn't simply recover being killed by your own brother.- Gabriel, Castiel

(Valentine's Day- 2010) The Morning After- Sean/Holden

(SPN) Castiel just likes to cuddle- Dean/Castiel

(SPN) "I didn't expect the Heavenly Father to be so...hairy."
"Hey, I'm giving you back to your family, angel-free. Don't knock the scruff."- Jimmy/Amelia, Claire, Chuck

(SPN)"C'mon, Sammy. You know you love it."
"Seriously. I'm not calling you Sugar Daddy."- Gabriel/Sam

(SPN)Gabriel is the closest thing Castiel has ever had to a real father- Gabriel, Castiel

(SPN)"For what possible reason would i need to wear a skirt on a date?"
"Hula dancing, Sammy. Hula dancing."- Gabriel/Sam

(SPN) I'll fix these broken things, repair your broken wings- Dean/Castiel

(SPN) they'd been just a couple of know-nothing kids, playing at getting married at twenty-one, but somehow in the end they made it work- Jimmy/Amelia

(SPN) the angel gets an iPod and Dean desperately attempts to school him on decent music taste before Sam convinces him to listen to, like, Coldplay or something- Dean/Castiel

Good Omens/Robin Hood (of any flavor), Aziraphale/Crowley & Little John, Not even Crowley really cared all that much for the sheriff

(FAKE: Manga) Jealousy/Competition- Dee/Ryo

(TW) He used to hate Jack's attitude; but somewhere along the line he fell for it.- Jack/Ianto

(SPN) He kept calling Sam an abomination to convince himself it was true- Castiel, Sam Winchester

(Aida) Kindness and Loyalty- Mereb, Radames

(SPN) Cas always hated Gabriel for leaving Heaven and abandoning his family. Then Gabriel decided to stand up- Gabriel, Castiel
(SPN) "Keeping the whole Jimmy look, huh?"
"I hope you don't mind."
"No, no, think of it as a parting gift. Enjoy."- Jimmy Novak, Castiel

(SPN/GO) Aziraphale finds the picture of the kiss on Crowley’s phone- Aziraphale/Crowley

Supernatural, Castiel/Dean, Gabriel, When Gabriel walks in on Castiel and Dean in a very compromising position, he is shocked, shocked... that he had no idea this was going on.

Torchwood/A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Tony & Ianto, coffee and the importance thereof. Bonus points for implied Tony/Control and Jack/Ianto.

 Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Dean finds a long blond hair on Castiel's trench coat & silently freaks out about it, then finally confronts Cas all jealous & flustered; Cas has a perfectly reasonable (innocent/strange/unexpected) explanation

A Bit of Fry and Laurie, John/Peter/Marjorie, Damn it!

A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Tony/Control, absolutely too polite - will they ever kiss?

Jeeves & Wooster, Jeeves/Bertie, Sounds of the Piano

Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Dean provokes Cas into slamming him into another alley wall, but this time it leads to angry sex (though he may end up bloody again if Cas bites too hard, he's not sure) -- (NOT dub or non-con, just damn rough)

Also, any tips for..organizing. Or even how my writer-y people organize their crap.

[livejournal.com profile] comment_fic , i wish i knew how to quit you.



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