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I want to curl into a ball and hide.

Had to email my uncle to tell him a change in my Bar Mitzvah RSVP...just me, that is. Yadda yadda.

He emails me back:

Lau, when I sent you the invitation, I was thinking Erica.  Give a little thought to whether there is anyone else and get back to me over the weekend or if your sure there is no one else, just get back to me now.

My response: I understand that. Erica was coming originally, but something came up with her. There's nobody else

(Sorry, Erica. i white lied. I didn't want to explain to them)

He replies:
Oh well, you'll have to dance a little with me then hahahaha.

That scared the ever loving shit out of me.

Lauren is not amused.

This Bar Mitzvah had better have alchohol. Lots of it.
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I'm just confused.

Earlier yesterday, my parents kept dropping none-too-subtle hints about me inviting[livejournal.com profile] flyingcircuits to my cousin's bar mitzvah in March as my guest. I wasn't sure about subjecting her to hours in a temple, especially since my aunt and uncle are kinda on my shit list, and to be quite honest, i'm scared of being in a public situation with Jack (aforementioned cousin).

So, blah blah blah i kept saying no (No offense, Erica, i'm just trying to look out for you here.) and my parents were like, "Are you 1000% sure?"

I wasn't. I figured if i had to suffer, Erica did too, why the hell not, right?

Long story short, i came home from work, and told Mom i'd invited Erica as my guest. Like they'd suggested, and i decided to.

Mom tells me, "I'm not sure if you can do that. I think you'd need to check with Uncle Al."

Wait, what?

"You were telling me to take someone as my guest," said I.

"Well," said she. "If you take a guest, it's really if you're taking a date."

So basically, one thing you kept saying i should do...i shouldn't? What?

The thing is, she seemed so...surprised that i brought it up.

Hey, Erica...do you think it's time to tell everyone we've been lesbian lovers all these years?

I really don't think people will be shocked


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