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Whatever crack you were smoking when you compiled the latest issue...

Please share.

First off, i've never been so eager to see the continuation of a comic. It's almost..right out of a fanfic.

You've got Ianto buying gourmet coffee, Rhys calling him up to say he needs to talk to Ianto because something happens in the future that they want to prevent. It's also shown in the comic that this takes place after COE, since they have Johnny, Rhiannon, and the kids, and Rhiannon being all 'HE'S DEAD.'

And how does good ole Rhys Williams know this?

"Hey there, Eye Candy."

fakmfnsjanfs. Comic strip. Brought back. CAPTAIN JOHN HART. Who actually wants to help Ianto out! I've never been so eager for more. seriously.

Now, for the crack.

Torchy-Tubbies? Torchy-Tubbies? Are you trying to KILL ME here?

It's so cracktastic, i nearly keeled over laughing.

A run down...with a color scheme!

Jack-Jack: Leader of the Torchytubbies, Jack-Jack's sexuality has been the cause of some controversy, owing to the fact he carries a handbag, and is in a physical relationship with Bang-Bang. Again! Again!

Kiss-Kiss: The lady Torchytubby is married to Rhys, but is very much her own woman. As the emotional heart of the Torchytubbies, she is always on hand to start a group hug whenever they try to shoot each other!

Bang-Bang: Bang-Bang is a butler with a secret- he's in love with a vacuum cleaner, which he keeps hidden in the basement! He's also got feelings for Jack-Jack, though, and together they use a stopwatch to time their Tubby Custard.

Rhys: Cuddly Rhys can always be relied upon to stay at home and make beans on Torchy-Toast! Kiss-Kiss loves him, and they often use the television on his tummy to spy on high-level government meetings, or 'just for fun.'

Again. Please, whatever you guys smoked/drank/snorted. For the love of God, pass it over.

Also, interview with GDL, who is always fantastic. And RTD's speech, which i'll put under a cut. I mean, yeah, i don't LJ cut Torchy Tubbies, but i cut this?

"Gareth is my houseboy" God, it sounds so wrong. DNW )

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 Ngah. Totally not what what i was planning.

Stupid... [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic 

The prompt could not be denied

Torchwood/Supernatural, Ianto/Castiel, "What do you mean you've never had coffee?"

Filled prompt is here 

Also going to put the fic here, but for reasons unknown, i can't...copy paste a damned thing
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 I started a bite of my TW/SPN fic draft.

Since it's my first..foray into anything regarding SPN fanfiction, i attempted to make it as general as possible. But since it's a crossover with TW, it's got some Jack/Ianto innit.

No apologies fer that, actually. 

After being so..none too gently nudged by one [livejournal.com profile] soullessginger , my brain went from wee!chester, to present day spn, to Torchwood involvement, to the Winchesters not even taking place in the damn storyline.

I think it's because i couldn't figure a plausible way for Jack to go to the US, or the brothers to go the UK without hurting my brain.

Somehow, Castiel slipped into my writing radar. Yay angel mojo. Then i was intrigued by the thought of Cas meeting up with Jack...two 'warriors,' so to speak. Plus Mr. Angel of the Lord dealing with Mr. I Can't Die Harkness. It's a bit Doctor Who-esque, i think...in the sense that for Castiel, everyone/thing has a time, and like the Doctor, Jack's immortality puzzles him.

I also had a draft in which somehow Jack saw Cas' true form, but since he can't die...Castiel's kinda just...this dude is still alive, and his eyes are burned out, but now he's healing.

But i feel that surpassed my abilities, description wise



I have decided to post the rough draft. Behold the Fail )


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i wish Supernatural did what the latest Torchwood Magazine did.

They had writers of Torchwood episodes and books give hints and writing advice on 'how to write' something for Torchwood. It was incredibly helpful.

Maybe SPN did do that..i dunno.

Actually. Why don't all fandoms do that? it would be pretty bad ass
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This post might as well be re-written as SPOILERIFIC for Torchwood Audiobook 'In the Shadows' may as well get it yourself

There are times i want to absorb Torchwood books/Audiobooks into my pores, and times i want to throw 'em out the window. There are some things that should be put in the show, honestly.

Now i've got the best imagery and the impossible task of doing an animated icon of a scene from the audiobook "In the Shadows" with Tosh and Ianto, where Tosh is watching Ianto spinning in a wheelie chair, pushing himself to the other side of the room, and then back, as Eve Myles so wonderfully narrates his dialogue:


Click for word for word innuendo ^^ )


And no, no alien influence was used in the making of this book.  I think.

ETA: I've decided to add more Ianto bits from ITS on and off. Which..maybe makes it spoilery? But i wanna. cutting out narration, though..unless necessary

 Actually, this post was prompted by a thought i had earlier. Episode parallel, possible fanfic prompt...

A whole lot went on in Series Two: Sleeper.


You can almost taste remnants of Cyberwoman... )


Episodic Ramble: incomplete and still raging in my head )

will need to get back on this 'meta', if you will...later.

ETA2: Bloody hell...it figures, doesnt' it? Fuels my thought process further.

In ITS Ianto is opening up a bit to the new character. Narration refers to a shadow falling over his face, as if he was 'remembering something'

Open!Ianto. Ianto taking over the 'talk to the victim' role... )


COE much? )

As Jack journeys on:

*flail* )

Ianto loved him...he'd forgive him..he'd rescue Jack from the shadows
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Happy 26th to the world's best coffee/teaboy/kickass Welshman to grace our lives.

May your stopwatch tick on forever and always
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 Love us, plzthx

Bloody hell, i need a life and a drink...in no particular order.

This isn't even what i meant to post about. My post wasn't even a rant...it was all shits and giggles. The Cast of TW, for example...


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