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All blame goes to [livejournal.com profile] denazia  and [livejournal.com profile] ihasstopwatch 

Title: After Hours
Pairing: Sam Wesson/Janitor!Gabriel
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 980
Warnings/Notes:  (Unbeta'ed) Brief language, blow job, 'It's a Terrible Life' AU
Summary/Prompt: Sam W. stays late at work on purpose just so he can see Gabriel!Janitor.

Gif not mine. Shamelessly used as inspiration


No, Sam had no family to go home to. He was in his prime, good looking, and waiting for the sound of squeaking wheels from a mop bucket to echo through the empty halls. )




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Supernatural Comics Question

Inquiring minds wish to know.

Apparently, Wildstorm (Who licensed Origins, Rising Son, etc) has gone bankrupt. Just curious as to whether or not anyone knows who is taking the reins on the comics? (Company wise)


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So, first off. I had a beyond fantastic three days with[livejournal.com profile] morganoconner  and[livejournal.com profile] lilchibibunny . 

Before they left, i told them to each give me a prompt for me to fill by the time they each got home. It was part motivation for me to write, part 'thank you', and part, 'oh, fuck that's a long ride home. here's something to look forward to.'

Amusingly enough, they each gave me the same pairing.

Now for [livejournal.com profile] lilchibibunny's fill!

Title (/Prompt): "Not Everything Goes With Chocolate."
Pairing: Dean/Gabriel, (Sam and Cas, briefly. Non slashy)
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1,180
Warnings: language, slight quirk of the eyebrow alluding to sexytiems, mentions of Will Ferrell's eating habits in Elf
Summary: As if Christmastime wasn't bad enough for Sam and Dean, Gabriel is hanging around, and Cas is visiting from Heaven. Dean makes the mistake of informing Gabriel that not everything goes with chocolate, and Gabriel disagrees.
A/N: Bits of this fic are true facts from Uses Of Chocolate


“Don’t be such scrooges. You gotta learn to appreciate the classics.” He raised a brow, and dumped the remaining chocolates into the popcorn. )
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So, first off. I had a beyond fantastic three days with[livejournal.com profile] morganoconner  and[livejournal.com profile] lilchibibunny . 

Before they left, i told them to each give me a prompt for me to fill by the time they each got home. It was part motivation for me to write, part 'thank you', and part, 'oh, fuck that's a long ride home. here's something to look forward to.'

Amusingly enough, they each gave me the same pairing.

First up at bat is [livejournal.com profile] morganoconner's prompt, since she'll be home first.

Title (/Prompt): "When the war is over, and they're still standing."
Pairing: Dean/Gabriel
Rating: PG-13 for slight language
Words: 903
Warnings/spoilers: Minor allusions to 'soul bonding'. It's very a vague 'blink and you'll miss it,' of the Sassy variety, but since my brain went there, can't hurt to mention, AU from 5x19 & 5x22
Summary: At Stull Cemetery, Lucifer (sans Sam) and Michael are sent to Hell by Gabriel. Dean has no idea where Sam is, and Cas is gone, too. The world is saved, but Dean still wants answers.


“So,” Dean rasped out. “Destiny.” Gabriel lifted his head. “You threw a wrench in the works,” his voice held no joviality, no mockery. It was flat, hollow. “As usual.” )
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Random twitfics from a couple months ago? Also, yeah. Sorry about formatting/grammar. It pisses me off, too. *lazy*

(@Ginnna) Gabriel/Crowley, beach )

(@radioprotector2) Dean/Castiel, schmoop

Dean/Castiel, schmoop )

(@pan_pandeus) Dean/Gabriel, Movie Night (Language and sexytimes!)

Dean/Gabriel, Movie Night )

(@hsapiens_lj) sam/gabriel,first time. (Oh, look. Sex.)

sam/gabriel,first time )

(@xarxian) dean/andy, coffee (brief language)

dean/andy, coffee )
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So, i was scrounging around trying to find [livejournal.com profile] morganoconner 's book/pendant 'shipping' fic i did on Twitlonger. No such luck, but i found this from August. I don't remember what the context was, but i think it was like...how S5 would have ended for me. A battle scene was involved, and Gabriel...

Actually, it was probably just me being all...GABRIEL ISN'T DEAD AND SAVES THE DAY that turned into a battle scene.

But...i actually rather like it. There's no pairings involved. Just..Team Free Will being badass.

They were fighting tooth and nail, blood and sweat mingling with sulfur and ozone, clashing against gunfire and the acrid scent of smoke )
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A cuddle party is an event designed with the intention of allowing people to experience non-sexual group physical intimacy through cuddling. Cuddle parties are described by organizers as "workshop/social-events" that gives adults an opportunity to "give and receive welcomed affectionate touch in a no-expectation, friendly setting, according to your needs, desires, interests, and boundaries." Cuddle parties are described as non-sexual events but kissing may occur at some parties.

A cuddle party is a group experience, while the one-on-one analog is a cuddlebuddy relationship. However, "cuddle-buddies" are almost always ongoing relationships after being formed from prior relationships (friendship, etc). Whereas in formal cuddle parties usually each person only has prior bonds with part of the total membership and the membership relationships are often not ongoing (e.g. same group may never meet again or only a few times).

Maybe referred to as a "puppy pile party" or "Contact Comfort Gathering" depending on the political sensitivities of the sponsor. (-Wikipedia)




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So, here's the deal. This was supposed to be straight up, Angelcestual, "Caged Heat" coda porn for [livejournal.com profile] morganoconner , in which Gabriel was the pizzaman from "The Pizzaman and the Babysitter."

But then the pizzaman wandered on over and spanked me with a plot.

I must have done something wrong.

Title: (Insert whatever cheesy title you want)- (Prologue)
Pairing: Castiel/Gabriel
Spoilers: 6x10, Caged Heat
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter
Warnings: unbetae'd and written in Wordpad, Angelcest


His first mistake was informing Dean that one of his reasons for frequenting Earth was that "The Pizzaman and the Babysitter" spoke to him. )

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Yeah. MS Paint.

I'm not even waiting for the shoe to drop.

This day? It is awesome.

I talk to awesome people, who surpass being awesome every day.

I wrote Fandom Old Spice.

I was mentioned in [livejournal.com profile] deancastielnews 

I wrote.

I received a prompt fill that is cracktastically beautiful.

Mom comes back from Florida today.

My TV is fixed

I just. \o/

Oh oh oh. And Jeffery Self and Cole Escola are in NYC this friday. I can't miss that.

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 So, i suppose you could say i live in a bubble.

I get rather fussy about my writing, and since getting into the Supernatural fandom, i've kind of sheltered myself to [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic .

So, after much harumphing about, i decided to set a course to crosspost.

Problem was, i didn't want to...join 8.5 zillion communities to post, even if they are friggin awesome

I lurk in plenty, trust me. *looong siiigh*

Anyway, given the fact that the majority of my fics are Supernatural gen, or light slash, but focused around a certain motley crew, i proceed with pimpage.

This has been a public service announcement. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming
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 Okay, so while i'm being all..productive. Things i plan on doing for writing organization over at my writing journal:

Pop some ratings over on my comment fics. I mean, originally the journal was just a place for me to stash my stuff without it getting all crazed with random personal business. But people are awesome and actually commented there, so i figured..if anyone did have a gander, those little ficlets should have a proper naming ceremony.

Not like i'm writing anything hardcore. Hell, my slash is barely slash. Maybe pre-slash, with a side order of bromance? But hey, ratings and disclaimers never hurt anyone.

Crossposting more, i guess? I've never really been involved in a fandom like the Supernatural one...so big and awesome and supportive and whatnot. I think i'm just nervous, which is freaking ridiculous. But on that note, crossposting suggestions are welcome. Like...since my writing isn't overly slashtastic, and i had a prompt for Ianto/Castiel, but it's totally gen.  [livejournal.com profile] sn_crossovers  perhaps? Yeah. Great, now i'm answering my own questions in my own livejournal entry

This thought process is ridiculous, too. I mean, i'm about to start summer classes Monday-Thursday, and i'm thinking about organizing my itty bitty comment fics.

Not to mention i've been kind of having eye sex with those bingo cards people have been doing. Yes, i'm a lemming. Damnit.

So, yeah. Don't encourage me. You know who you are.

ETA: Oh, yeah! I remember one of the reasons i haven't crossposted! Summaries and titles, especially for comment fics, are not my friends. I mean, i don't write a comment fic with the intention of giving it a proper title. Ratings, summaries and titles- oh my. What is my LIFE? [livejournal.com profile] soulless_ginger  just now referred to me as a fangirl.

I've never been a fangirl.

I'm a lurker. A bystander. Really


See what i did there? 


I'm screwed

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Well, our stuff is arriving, at the very least. We could move in tomorrow as well, but as long as i have a place to hang my hat, i'm good.

So, safe to say, life's about to get a wee bit hectic once again.

My summer class starts on Tuesday. It wasn't a 100% necessary thing to take, but a) credits, and b) i'll need to take it in the future. So why not take something i'll enjoy (Intro to Literature)?

Finalized my schedule for the fall.

Who's interested? 

That's what i thought.

Tuesday: Biochemistry & Math
(Bio- 7:20-8:35am, then 8:45-10:35am

Math- 2:00-3:15pm)

Wednesday: Zoology
(6:00-8:00pm, then 8:15-10:15pm. Late class is v. Late)

Thursday: More math

Saturday: Intro to vet tech
(10:30am-11:30am, then 12:00pm-2:10pm)

I mean, yeah..it's a lot for the fall, especially for me. But i really needed the credits to be full time for medical coverage, in case something happens to my parents plan. And as much as i hate math, and it isn't required of me, the advisor suggested it because it focuses on things i'll be working on in the veterinary field.

Folks are a mite bit concerned that i'm taking TOO much at one time. With my history, it's very possible, but i get decent breaks, and Mondays, Fridays off, Wednesdays during the day off, and evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

And get a job.

Intro to Literature starts on July 6th.

So i'll have my first week of classes, and celebrate with

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 Am I waiting for Season 6? 

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Because my brain is on crack, it's currently compiling a list of...'Angelically Aimed Insults' Dean has fired off at an angel at one point in time or another.

Hammer of the Gods

The ever popular "Blow me, Cas"- Point of no Return

"Eat me."- Sympathy for the devil.

Wait, what just flew out the window? Oh, that would be my attention span.

Lucifer Rising, "Take your peace and shove it up your lily white ass."

It broke the flow of 'bite me, eat me, and blow me' though.

My bad.

Feel free to join in.
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I have comment-fic to post here, don't i?

Okay, so i've got me some Supernatural reruns playing in the background, so here's my response for today's prompt by [livejournal.com profile] owleyes_arisen 

Supernatural, Sam/Gabriel.

Warning: Spoilers for 5x22

Gabriel's the one who gripped Sam tight and raised him from perdition

Gabriel's the one to grip Sam tight and raise him from Perdition. )

Coincidentally enough, it's episode 4x01 playing now, and Dean just got raised from Perdition.

Now, for the 'God, i shouldn't have been writing' crack.

prompted by [livejournal.com profile] msmanuscript 

Avenue Q, any/any, "THE INTERNET IS DOWN!"


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I did one of those 12-character number replacement memes, Supernatural style. (With House and Wilson, cause i needed two more)

This should not have been attempted. I should be out getting my pie ingredients. Damnit.


1) Crowley
2) Gabriel
3) Bobby
5) Dean
6) Sam
7) Death
8) Lucifer
9) Chuck
10) Becky

11) Gregory House

12) James Wilson

Batter up )


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Dear Dad-

There are many things you can put your coffee down on. A coaster, for example.

If you spill coffee, you clean it up.

Things you do NOT put your coffee mug down on, or spill your coffee on, for that matter, are the following:


A) My To Do List for the day, which is pretty damn important in regards to taking care of things, cleaning my room, and getting started on a moving process.

B) Possibly the most important- my written rough draft of my Supernatural/House x-over fic that i've been incredibly excited about.

Now both are soggy masses of brown worthlessness that are all grainy with Splenda.

Thanks for that.


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 Don't think i ever posted this...from a couple months ago. 

But. I still find it LOLworthy. Oh, SamSimchester.


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