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Brad Wyman is said to be waiting naked for the pizza man.

Brad is friends with Richard Speight Jr.

Gabriel is the pizza man
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And speaking of non-traditional, we wondered how Richard felt about his character finally starring in plenty of fanfiction (much of it slash, which as most of you know is a truly transformative work of fiction that romantically pairs two male or two female characters who are canonically straight – Gabriel/Castiel for example.)

So, is he happy to be slashed?

Richard: Yes! I am, and you know why? Because, you go to certain cultures and you go into the deepest darkest woods, and if their way of saying hello is to throw poop on your forehead, you let them throw poop on your forehead. So if their way of saying we love this guy and we love this character and embrace this character is to make him part of slash fiction? Slash away, babe!

How does anyone answer so...God.

Bonus: Richard (with sad puppy eyes): Ironically, I’m no longer a pivotal part of the Show.

No longer a pivotal part of the Show.



I'm not sniffling. i have the flu

Read the whole beautiful interview from Fangasm

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Such humility.

In reality, he's sitting behind a computer grinning and going, "Nobody suspects the Speight."

You all can have your Mishas and Jareds and Jensens.

Well, maybe not all. There are exceptions to the rule.


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