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Aug. 27th, 2010 01:00 pm
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It has come to my attention that I'm pretty sure i've been in NYC every weekend for the past few weeks.

Not that i'm all.

I joined a Meetup group called the NYC British Book, Movie, Theatre and Comedy group, and tomorrow, in the spirit of ol' Blighty's Notting Hill Carnival, the group is hosting of of their own!

Including but not limited to:

  • our own BBQ chef, cooking up a storm
  • Private Roofdeck with loungers & plants (best kept secret in Manhattan)
  • Burgers (meat & veggie), hotdogs, potato salad and crisps
  • Free glass of Pimms on arrival (until stocks last)
  • 10 raffle tickets for your chance to win great raffle prizes
  • Carnival music
(Shamelessly copy-pasta'ed, i know, i know)



At first, i was a bit puzzled because it's so awesome, but it looked like it was just going to be me and the organizer. But she informed me that the group was joining up with another British group, and over 50 people were attending.

I'm really, really excited. Sucky part is it's my first meetup with the group, and i'm going alone..but..should be fun!
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 Okay, so i'm going camping with my meetup group this weekend. Never been camping i don't know jackshit

One guy..someone i was friendly with in the beginning, but drifted from because he was getting my personal space, was nice enough to help me out with what i needed. Which included a ride to the campground.

I was going to share a tent with someone (although the guy informed me there was a $30 tent at Target), so it was either sharing a tent with him, (I note here that when he said 'my tent has room for a shorter person- i'm not stupid. He knows i'm the shortest in that group.)

Then this other guy emails me and said he hadn't offered anyone space in his 3 person tent. And i talked to him for a bit. He was really helpful about what to bring, and he offered to bring extra stuff for me. Which was cool.

Until comments like:

"Would you rather share my 0 degree bag with me? ;)"

"Well, if you don't have a tent, i guess you're stuck with me ;)"

And stuff like that.

His Facebook, under relationships, is

Interested in                 Women

Looking for:
A Relationship
Random play
Whatever i can get

Also, besides him being born in1978? Something tells me he shouldn't be in "In Our 20s and New to Phoenix."

The first guy, Rick, is a good guy. Awkward in his own way, and had a tendency to push his boundaries with me. Oddly, the main thing that comes up with him is when i first started going to Meetup, and he was the first to reach out to me. So i took him to a show, and he tried to hold my hand during curtain call.

Okay, so, besides DON'T try and hold someone's hand while they are clapping.

I don't care if you're if you're a lady or a manny or a granny or a tranny, don't harsh my curtain call.

or this dude i met maybe once, that's freakin' 32. 

Screw this. I'm getting my own tent
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 While talking to an 'old' acquaintance from my meetup group....we've generally begun bitching about the general downfall of the group. It was enjoyable to me, originally. Then the girl who took over for the original organizer eventually started dating another member.

The decline began with "InterMeetup Dating."

It's more of for the assistant organizers.

And has continued into a bit of a clusterfuck.

The guy sums it up quite nicely: 

"In our twenties and new to phoenix. We like drinking and partying. Occasional movies and hiking. If you aren't happy with that, go away."

Le. Sigh
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Just found out that all my emails to my boss regarding taking off the weekend in March had been going to her spam folder, hence the reason she hadn't responded. So that...and some somewhat personal relevations that have had me wringing my hands an all....

Okay, so she tells me she'll get coverage. good. It's spring break weekend, and it would seem we're booked.

Cue more hand wringing. What if there's no room for Dillon and Charlie? Oh, hell.

On another note, Simba- the cat surrendered to the clinic because his owner didn't want to deal with treating his stones, is having his first trial at a possible 'forever home' this weekend. Fingers crossed!

Also, [ profile] flyingcircuits  and [ profile] soullessginger  have inspired me to start writing again. Not..fiction/fanfic stuff, either. Damn both of you.

On the subject of damning, DAMN my friend Brian for getting a normal work schedule and eliminating my tues/thurs happy hour and movie time.

And where's my WD40 for these damn keyboard keys?



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