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So i was relaxing this morning, listening to SiriusXM when a song came up.

It was so...JackxIanto...i felt rattled.

So i've got Ianto on one shoulder, Jack on the other, urging me to do it. And can i really say no to that?

No, no..Jack..if you're going to start that...off my shoulder..IANTO! stop encouraging him! I won't have those shenanigans taking place on my shoulders..STOPIT!

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This post might as well be re-written as SPOILERIFIC for Torchwood Audiobook 'In the Shadows' may as well get it yourself

There are times i want to absorb Torchwood books/Audiobooks into my pores, and times i want to throw 'em out the window. There are some things that should be put in the show, honestly.

Now i've got the best imagery and the impossible task of doing an animated icon of a scene from the audiobook "In the Shadows" with Tosh and Ianto, where Tosh is watching Ianto spinning in a wheelie chair, pushing himself to the other side of the room, and then back, as Eve Myles so wonderfully narrates his dialogue:


Click for word for word innuendo ^^ )


And no, no alien influence was used in the making of this book.  I think.

ETA: I've decided to add more Ianto bits from ITS on and off. Which..maybe makes it spoilery? But i wanna. cutting out narration, though..unless necessary

 Actually, this post was prompted by a thought i had earlier. Episode parallel, possible fanfic prompt...

A whole lot went on in Series Two: Sleeper.


You can almost taste remnants of Cyberwoman... )


Episodic Ramble: incomplete and still raging in my head )

will need to get back on this 'meta', if you will...later.

ETA2: Bloody hell...it figures, doesnt' it? Fuels my thought process further.

In ITS Ianto is opening up a bit to the new character. Narration refers to a shadow falling over his face, as if he was 'remembering something'

Open!Ianto. Ianto taking over the 'talk to the victim' role... )


COE much? )

As Jack journeys on:

*flail* )

Ianto loved him...he'd forgive him..he'd rescue Jack from the shadows


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