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Way to start of the semester, Lauren

Flu, what flu? I know what i'm doing after work tomorrow...before i have to pick up the texts that NEVER CAME FROM AMAZON
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Well, our stuff is arriving, at the very least. We could move in tomorrow as well, but as long as i have a place to hang my hat, i'm good.

So, safe to say, life's about to get a wee bit hectic once again.

My summer class starts on Tuesday. It wasn't a 100% necessary thing to take, but a) credits, and b) i'll need to take it in the future. So why not take something i'll enjoy (Intro to Literature)?

Finalized my schedule for the fall.

Who's interested? 

That's what i thought.

Tuesday: Biochemistry & Math
(Bio- 7:20-8:35am, then 8:45-10:35am

Math- 2:00-3:15pm)

Wednesday: Zoology
(6:00-8:00pm, then 8:15-10:15pm. Late class is v. Late)

Thursday: More math

Saturday: Intro to vet tech
(10:30am-11:30am, then 12:00pm-2:10pm)

I mean, yeah..it's a lot for the fall, especially for me. But i really needed the credits to be full time for medical coverage, in case something happens to my parents plan. And as much as i hate math, and it isn't required of me, the advisor suggested it because it focuses on things i'll be working on in the veterinary field.

Folks are a mite bit concerned that i'm taking TOO much at one time. With my history, it's very possible, but i get decent breaks, and Mondays, Fridays off, Wednesdays during the day off, and evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

And get a job.

Intro to Literature starts on July 6th.

So i'll have my first week of classes, and celebrate with

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Called SCCC today 'cause i'm all, "Hey, i got an email that orientation for the day classes for the vet program was June 15th, is there a date for evening?"

"I sent it out afterwards."

*checks* "Never received that."

"The date for the evening classes is the same for the day classes."

Long pause.

"I understand. I'm going to be out of town during that time. Is there anything i can do?" in arizona, getting ready to move to NY

"Orientation is crucial. It's where you'll get your schedule, and register for classes. You'll be ad a disadvantage if you don't attend, since the staff will be leaving June 16th for vacation."

Yes, my life has gotten to the point where i express my emotions through images and gifs.

Emailed the head honcho, as suggested. Still having a freak out.

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 LaGuardia CC can bite me.

 maybe later, big boy 

I sent in my application about 2 weeks ago, and i just got an email from them now informing me that i registered past the Feb. 1 deadline, so my placement will be considered by space availability

That's fine, whatever.

But the email is all, "Oh, by the way, we need the following information from you by Friday, May 7th, 2010."

WTG email, that's tomorrow. No problem, i'll get my transcript to Long Island City by tomorrow.


Now returning to my regularly scheduled programming. (re: [livejournal.com profile] ontd_spnparty )


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