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  • RT @BSchuler: Wazzup tonite? RT @RabbitRebecca: @RabbitRebecca with @duchess_rebecca goes live at 9pm pst. - http://bit.ly/fswKml
  • Dark but just realized Dillon has been snuggling my Castiel shirt http://plixi.com/p/83124385
  • Heading to bed. Will need to catch the recording of @duchess_rebecca's Down the Rabbit Hole. Damnit, East Coast. Just..damnit.
  • Lovely weather, if you're a duck.
  • i don't feel comfortable going to work and leaving Dillon in the crate his first day of medication
  • God help me I love this freakin cat
  • RT @Izzie_Gail: RT @BOBinterviews: #followfriday @jumping4heroes #BandOfBrothers cast jumping out of a plane in (cont) http://tl.gd/97mlko
  • Must be payday for everyone. Sheesh
  • I think Earth needs naptime...
  • I can't focus enough to read a single GBB :/
  • Today, in the car, I told dad about Japan. He made some comments, and i kicked him. Hard. It felt good
  • Good news is, Dillon seems to be doing well on the Lysodren. Fingers crossed
  • I ordered a new digital camera with my amazon giftcard. I feel like preening right now
  • My dad is the biggest Supernatural fanboy over the age of 50 omg <3
  • My guess is that people took the pictures @sebroche tweeted and posted them elsewhere. Half naked pics aren't always best for publicity?
  • RT @RobinWilliiams: Never pass a chance to say "I love you" to the people you care about, because we aren't promised tomorrow.
  • aaghhh merlin commercial. 15 minutes. yay
  • Give me #Merlin
  • Oreos, milk, and Merlin. Cuddled in bed, and i am SET
  • Supernanny caught up with @sebroche. He's on the naughty step
  • ngrahhh demon eyes on Merlin. Get out of my SPN brain

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