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  • RT @WyTVLive: @WyTVLive star @duchess_rebecca going live tonight with @RabbitRebecca. Live at 9pm pst - http://bit.ly/fswKml
  • Sleeping is bad. Sleeping is bad. Sleeping is bad. Sleeping is bad
  • so, if anyone is interested in seeing what i was doing the last 15 minutes of "work" today http://www.twitvid.com/0DUUZ
  • RT @ChadLindberg: My Pics are up for bid on E-Bay for "A Dog's Life Rescue" @SupportSPN 100% of the proceeds go to helping! http://bit. ...
  • ah, well. Dillon's not going to be a happy puppy. Gotta cut his food intake down before we begin meds tomorrow
  • Yes, dogs are done for the night. Where are my pajamas and a GBB to snuggle with?
  • i was just cockblocked with Jeopardy at 7.
  • I don't know why this F!S makes me all happy inside. JFC, i was only recently converted to the RPS darkside. Why do i feel so..fluffy?
  • Maybe it's because of the people they put in there... Gale/randy, Jared/Jensen, Bradley/Colin, etc. Going to hell
  • I have officially been won over by @guynormanbee for the sheer fact that he tweeted 'Mazel Tov.'
  • I just made Jeopardy my bitch
  • Great, now i can't watch Ghost Hunters without getting all...Demon!Harnois and Spirit Camel Luke and his Venomous Spit @annundriel
  • My consolation for no Supernatural tomorrow is that there is Merlin.
  • Why is this client on Ghost Hunters unable to keep her shirt on, here?
  • So, tomorrow i bathe a 200 pound, full grown Newfoundland. Something tells me a poncho and rainboots are in order
  • Oooh, lookit @Xarixian kicking it up to become Top Chef for #SupernaturalDiner
  • Ghostfacers Salted Duffle Truffle #SupernaturalDiner
  • Missouri's Best (Pan)Cakes #SupernaturalDiner
  • John Winchester's Sirrific Hidden Orange Pudding #Supernaturaldiner
  • RT @alydenisof: I cannot believe it was 14 years ago today that BUFFY aired for the first time! And I cannot believe you guys had to rem ...
  • Dear Breyers: I hate you for putting a delicious looking recipe on your container when i had the ingredients. For the same reason, i <3 you
  • LMFAO @ @TheInsaneEraser. I see you there
  • Heat rises, but oreos sink. #Sadmoment
  • Oh my god. This is so @FHornChickie it's not even funny http://bit.ly/emEyNr
  • Wow. I feel kinda sad right now. When did this happen?! I am 71% addicted to Twitter http://su.pr/1b72Ly from the incredible @oatmeal

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