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  • My room last night and this morning is freezing. Freezing.
  • i have a gash along a vein in my wrist. It kinda hurts :/
  • So done. Why am I still at this shithole?
  • another busy day
  • Relaxing before heading out to pick up Dillon's Lysodren, then Dr. appt for me. #TGIFU @Fleischersuniv
  • I believe i shall now call Dillon the Princess and the Pea. He's sleeping on 3 piles of blankets
  • The weather has been amazing the past two days. It's making life hard to cuddle up with the GBBs posted. I'M TRYING NOT TO BE PRODUCTIVE
  • Ooh. I don't work tomorrow. I should have my own Mardi Gras. Is @Fleischersuniv having a Marti Gras special? Party Hardy, guys!
  • The princess and the pea sequel- the King Charles and the Pea http://plixi.com/p/82561327
  • I would also like to apologize to the Twitter world for last night's uncalled for sarcasm and bitchfest. I was a bit overemotional, then BAM
  • Charlie is at the groomer. I think Dillon is enjoying his reign as the Only Child far more than expected.
  • Photo: At the dogs groomer today http://tumblr.com/xaw1pn2kbn
  • Onto the human doctor
  • RT @WyTVLive: @Fleischersuniv #13 (prime) goes live at 8pm pst. Pizza has been ordered, hope the delivery person (cont) http://tl.gd/9658l1
  • RT @WyTVLive: 2 Charlies LIVE on @wytvlive tonight. @charliesheen at 7pm pst and @ChasFleischer in @Fleischersuniv at 8pm pst.
  • Homeward bound
  • RT @bradwyman: Hey you all - when @charliesheen is over catch @ChasFleischer on @Fleischersuniv http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/13035084
  • I still expect @ChasFleischer to have a bigger mic than @charliesheen. I'm lookin at you, @bradwyman. No, that's no a euphemism
  • Oh, hey..um.. @sweet_clockwork your boyfrand got a haircut
  • I earned this goddamn chinese food, and i'll be damned if Charlie tries to steal it from me
  • Time out, world. I have a fortune cookie
  • Oh,. jesus. RIP, Mike Starr
  • oh my god. Never adding co-workers to FB before i know they aren't psychotic
  • Just a reminder, @Fleischersuniv is on tonight. Little more than a half hour. For those who join me :)
  • Who's in? @Strix__Nebulosa, @KrystalIceKitsu, @Ginnna , @ihasstopwatch? @Fleischersuniv goes live at 8pm pst - http://bit.ly/f84xSs

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