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  • I've reminded my mom that i am never. having. children. ever.
  • i'm not sure if you guys understand the ~magnitude~ of this meeting i have today. If all goes as planned, I'm this much closer to my own apt
  • The other vet we took Dillon to on Monday just called to see how he was. Imagine that..a vet asking about an animal..
  • I also realized what the theme song for the Kings Speech would be
  • Possible unpopular opinion, and this is coming from me, of all people: I can't deal with the portmanteau 'Sabriel' #YMMV
  • Oh god, @hrtslkths, where has the time gone? You're the first person i ever said 'Smisha' to @Ginnna
  • Okay. Time for that appointment. Yo, @FHornChickie , how does 7 sound for you?
  • RT @WreckItAll1: I could totally go for a buffalo cheese burger with bacon right now with a side of waffle (cont) http://tl.gd/941anb
  • I don't get why a lawyer with a 4:00 appt would "step out for a break" at... 4:00
  • I am one badass mofo. I was in the supermarket, and i was like..know what? I want a Yoohoo. So i bought a Yoohoo
  • vote for @JefferySelf as #popVP for @popchips & @aplusk http://apps.facebook.com/involver_kotijoyj/feature/1050221/content/165943097
  • RT @JefferySelf: Five more days to VOTE to make me VP of Pop Culture for @popchips. Vote again? http://bit.ly/i6zqOq
  • Well. Nap isn't happening. Gotta ready the bean dip soon. Sally forth toward @FHornChickie in an hour or so..and...*zzzz*
  • Dear Creation: Why do we get emails about next year's LACon BEFORE Nashville/NJ/Boston etc updates? Frowny Face
  • So, if anyone missed it this morning, i had a dream where Misha replaced NPH as Billy/Dr. Horrible. And it was frighteningly....plausible
  • It seems I've adopted a bright purple poodle...
  • Thanks to everyone for the #FF's
  • So the bad guy on #supernatural will be Jigsaw?
  • #supernatural niight http://plixi.com/p/81637071
  • ITS A YEERK #supernatural #animorphs
  • RT @FHornChickie: .@Jabber_Moose: That's a pretty pie! Me: Thanks! I bought it.
  • Winchestere'd
  • I want a spastic kitten named Twitter
  • ...Is Bobby a Cas fanboy with that shirt?
  • Standing ovation for @jumblejim, for what its worth. Stellar acting. Stellar. Literally squirming from the creeps
  • Its like a freaking homage to Gabriel in a weird way. Herpes and duct tape, anyone?
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeee that was so westernmeta I don't even stetsons are cool
  • Brokebacknatural please
  • Gabriel in this ep and promo: herpes, duct tape and a large, heavy object about to drop on Dean's head
  • #andthentherewerenoneuntilapril15
  • Can i just say...i cannot wait for my Steven Williams photo op at NJCon. Massive hugtiem

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