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  • Waking up to find out @LoudenSwain1 will be in phoenix. Remind me why I moved? Will be in the corner, playing with my broken heart
  • Damn. Few minutes from the apartment, car was flipped over, tilted on an angle, windshield blown
  • Goddamn bagel place. Since when do you play #angel on the tv? I have work in 15 minutes. Would rather stay here now
  • Oh, three tvs in a row. One showing Angel, the next news coverage from Libya, & the third about shampoo. why the fuck is the AC blasting?
  • Jesus..freezing. Better head on over to my even colder workplace after walking in the cold morning
  • I r basement kitteh
  • Alright, that's one medicated bath, two ear cleanings, two toe nail trims with a crappy clipper. Food is in the cards
  • Need to check people's availability for @MrJasonRBrown's concert in NYC next month.
  • great to see Hugh Laurie trending. UK, only, bc Americans dont have a lick of sense. @stephenfry would trend, but he's a trendsetter already
  • I had a very successful smug ten minutes at work today. It was most satisfying
  • Today Mom said to me, "Do you have money for breakfast? Oh, that's right, you're LOADED!" And i looked at Dillon and just went :3
  • Man, i had some weird ass dreams last night
  • RT @FromageOrDeath: Cecily Adams Beaver #InMemoriam (Please RT)
  • So, i had a dream that my vet made me go clean, but it was in a subway, and i was really rounding up rats. Then a subway hit me
  • had a dream that i was watching Dr. Horrible, but was really confused because instead of @ActuallyNPH, Billy/Dr. Horrible was @mishacollins
  • So, my smug moment of the day: having an adult lab 2 people couldn't control be a total angel for me. Neener
  • adult lab as in...adult labrador. Not..labratory.
  • Crowley BigBang writers are up. Sufficient to say, i believe anne_higgins might get burned on the amount of people who'll read hers
  • Ooh. My favorite. Realizing a nap would be a great idea, crawling into bed, then realizing you have an appointment in an hour
  • My doctor just won everything today
  • doctor asked what something meant to me. Me: not looking for the meaning of life. Him: Well, what is it? Me: 42. Him:*delighted*WELL PLAYED!
  • RT @Ginnna: RT @oddlyfamiliar: RT @hils_k: Merlin is your new favorite show! Merlin is your new favorite show! Merlin is your new favori ...
  • "The boobies look weird"
  • okay, so that may have melted my stone cold heart a little
  • RT @TWlTTERWHALE: Twitter Profile Views app is hacking accounts. Please Retweet to warn other users. Thanks.
  • This RT @mishaminion4evr: how the hell has @charliesheen got 1.5M followers in like 2days?? Im so tired of his bullshit bein all the news.
  • is @sebroche trying to one-up @mishacollins? Because I'm going to break out the special popcorn for this cage match
  • My popcorn can wait. Now things are complicated. @sebroche wants to hit @ChadLindberg's badass follower ranking
  • RT @MarleeMatlin: McLobster? Would you like a McBib and some McButter with that?
  • Oh, Eve Myles. why you always gettin into such fixes
  • Rewatching Merlin from the get-go. I have a gift card for Amazon...my eye is on them DVDs
  • "Pandora tells me what music I like... Netflix tells me what movies I like... Refrigerator: Why are you such a slacker?""
  • RT @bradwyman: tonight 9pm PST @duchess_rebecca down the @RabbitRebecca don't miss it @LisaLikes could be there

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