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  • Posted morganoconner's Dean/Gabriel request. @sweet_clockwork's D/G is posted, but hidden until she gets home. *pathetic evil laugh*
  • RT @LOOKtvseries: @LOOKtvseries writer-director @AdamRifkin and producer @bradwyman will be interviewed LIVE at 5pm pst - http://bit.ly/ ...
  • Whoever's directing this crap needs to be fired because we're not making out yet @tiptoe39
  • A moose bit my sister @tiptoe39
  • Well, this is exciting. A woman nearby put up a post looking for someone to watch her dog while she's on vacation. It would be in my house
  • Kurt Fuller on my television
  • I think I'm going to post @sweet_clockwork's fic so i don't fall asleep beforehand.
  • I think that warning might be the best warning i've ever had to give in a fic in the history of ever
  • "Nation Pam is on your Sam." Oh my GOD, wait. does Nationwide ship Pam/Sam? #Supernatural
  • RT @amybruni: Cow!
  • RT @amybruni: So @AdamJBerry is known for mooing and I'm known for swearing. #teammadeinheaven
  • Yesss. Zombies! #FaceOff
  • OMG. Worst thing to see upon looking at Tumblr. Nauseous. So. Nauseous. There goes dinner. Jesus fuck
  • I don't think i want to close my eyes, now. Literally sick. Hate people. Fucking people need to go die. Honestly.
  • Actually gagging #TMI. Shutting up now. Shutting up. No more TMI. I need to go to sleep, but screw it all to hell

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