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  • #youknowyouhaveepicfriendswhen you don't have to say a single word and know everyone is thinking, "I have genital herpes"
  • Short visit was too short D: @sweet_clockwork
  • My god Dr. Assface is getting desperate. Coupons? Calling the receptionist a front desk technician?
  • Eliza Dushku on Drag Race :D
  • Might be able to catch some of @GlobalSoulTV before bed
  • Happy Pancake Day!
  • i have the hiccups
  • Hiccuping to to point of burping. That's classy, self
  • Apparently, my dogs think I'm some kind of rocking chair. Hiccups? No. Soothing rocking bed? Yes!
  • Creeper!Dillon http://plixi.com/p/80815514
  • #HappyBdayJensen may your day continue for several hundred Tuesdays #TricksterTuesday. Life totally makes sense
  • I think @GrooveGoddess gave me her hiccups from the other day. Not exactly what i had in mind...she didn't bother putting them on ebay first
  • Kay, folks. It's time to go be the cleaning lady. I mean...go to work. But. PANCAKES! Tweet ya when i go hide in the basement to file
  • just butt-dialed an animal hospital. my dad was saying "what's in the bag? Guns for work?" Me: "don't be silly, that would scare the dogs."
  • Lol forever. I'm The Basement Cat
  • NO bad autocorrect. T E H not the
  • So, scientific research time. Co worker barges in and declares herself a psychopath. Theories. Go.
  • Hurr http://plixi.com/p/80842274
  • Oy http://plixi.com/p/80860349
  • My mind has just been blown. Prepare the gallows, the guillotine, the firing squad. I might miss @Fleischersuniv tonight. Holy shit
  • This IHOP is crack. Just so you know
  • Off to the movies with @sweet_clockwork and @Sunset_magick.
  • Oh god, if I don't watch @Fleischersuniv tonight, what does that make me?! I'm disowning myself
  • Don't make me turn this car around
  • I'm in for @Fleischersuniv! One hour!
  • RT @WyTVLive: @AdamRifkin live on @Fleischersuniv in 15 @ChasFleischer http://bit.ly/f84xSs
  • Okay, guys. @Fleischersuniv in 7 minutes. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/fleischer-s-universe-f-u
  • RT @Fleischersuniv: @AdamRifkin is in the building. @Fleischersuniv goes live at 8pm pst - http://bit.ly/f84xSs

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