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  • I have not received notification about my amazon payment from Laptop Man. I am not amused
  • I love the fact that so many people had to double check that the badass guy that dodged the bullet wasn't @dicksp8jr. Reality sucks
  • If i don't have a problem with your problem maybe the problem's simply co-dependency
  • Blergh. Dear 'Instead of a Gift' I'm sorry i'm an idiot. Please direct me to where i change my automatic monthly donation amount.
  • or maybe i should just hassle @SupportSPN
  • My timeline is saying the S word. I'm getting paranoid
  • Funny thing about dogs. I have a hard time sleeping if i don't have Charlie snoring nearby. Last night, i slep… (cont) http://deck.ly/~NYIY1
  • Oh, shit. I KNEW there was something i wanted to do in my room once i got it back.
  • Dear plot bunnies, is it time to be reborn? Is it time to begin writing again?
  • Oh, goodness. Merlin, are we a bit flustered by our morning greeting?
  • Watching Merlin did not help my brain break away from Cliche Ville
  • So, me and the family just placed Academy Award winner bets. Winner chose an individual thing from each individual person. I'm so fucked
  • I'm awesome. Watched Monday's House. I said, "This reminds me of the early season Three Stories." Episode title was 'Two Stories'
  • I think @LoudenSwain1 got lost on their way to the East Coast. They ended up on the other side. Curious
  • Oh, so @FHornChickie. Have we come to the conclusion that Charlie has unresolved issues regarding Misha?
  • i want to write
  • Oh, god. how did this happen...
  • Bad place to stop that fic, but dad wants to watch the Meta
  • right. See if i can pick up where i left off
  • oh, shit. I had a seal cruise tomorrow, didn't i?
  • Gabriel needs to stop hogging all the cool roles
  • Dear Sim!SamMarks. Is it necessary to run into Arthur & Merlin's place at odd hours and beat Merlin up for *Talking* to Azzant 3 days prior?
  • OB-GY-Wan Kenobi room. Thank you, #GhostAdventures

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